Tuesday 13 September to Thursday 15 September

IBIA Mediterranean Energy and Shipping Conference

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The bunker industry was looking forward to a year of recovery in 2022 as the Western economies started to put COVID-19 behind them and Asia-Pacific looked set to follow before long. But the war in Ukraine has now upended any sense of calm, with the industry now scrambling to move on from using products of Russian origin and cope with the knock-on impacts of the war and ensuing sanctions on various shipping segments. 

Join us at the IBIA Mediterranean Energy and Shipping Conference in Malta in September, 2022 for an in-depth look at all of these issues and more. The event will be held in person at the Malta Marriott Hotel & Spa, St. Julian’s, Malta from the 13th to 15th September, 2022.

IBIA Mediterranean Energy and Shipping Conference

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LISTEN TO THE Key Speakers

Tahra Sergeant

Regional Manager (Africa), The International Bunker Industry Association

Hon Aaron Farrugia

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Hon Miriam Dalli

Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise

Information about the Event's Agenda

Prominent speakers will explore the benefits of green alternatives and environmental technologies which will carry the bunkering industry into the future and beyond.

Malta’s Maritime history stretches back over 7000 years. Its strategic location has meant that it always played a central role in shipping and trade in the region. The arrival of the Navy of the Knights of St. John in 1530 saw that Malta’s role as a shipping hub was forever established and this has gone from strength to strength right up to the present day.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Malta!

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